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Tuna didn't think he needed a bodyguard.


The new boss runs a really tight ship.


Is someone coming to pick us up?

It revolts me.

Saying that you would rather learn Spanish than Esperanto is like saying you would rather run a marathon than go for a Sunday walk; of course you end up doing neither.

Why didn't you tell us you were pregnant?

I know exactly what you were going to do.

Byron would've loved that.

Carl wouldn't back down.

What was your relationship with Craig?

I can't find my girlfriend's clitoris.


India gained independence from Britain in 1947.


The squirrel ate the hazelnuts.

You shouldn't smoke.

How long do dreams last?

What is it you want to buy?

Is that satisfactory?


I don't get out much.

A shooting star dashed through the sky.

You are guilty of murder.

Everybody does this.

Hilda didn't know what time he was supposed to leave.

I am checking my mailbox.

Thirteen passengers were hospitalized.

"I'm sorry I hurt you." "Don't apologize. You didn't do anything wrong, Kemal."

I'll do everything I can to help Bobbie.


Matt stopped recording.

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Drink up your milk.

I am forever in trouble.

And so each citizen plays an indispensable role.

I just need to talk to him.

Go to bed, Sergei.

Giles asked for Kerry's address and wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper.

Everything's the same.

I'm surprised that you didn't know that Sehyo could speak French.

I know it to be fact.

Are you waiting for her?

What singers were popular when you were young?

It'll soon be breakfast time.

An expensive watch is not necessarily a good one.

Have you slept at all?

Ellen can't stay.

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That is why I am angry with him.

After she lost her legs, she had no more use for her anklets.

Where does your grandfather live?

I greased Damone's palm.

What's in it for you?

Here's the answer.

Do we have to go?


Did Brender ever talk about his father?

My uncle has a deep interest in art.

We're just looking for her.

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Matti lived alone with his dog.

Novorolsky is still trying to get in.

It gets very humid here in the summer. In the winter, on the other hand, it gets very dry.

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He lives two doors off.

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Their decision will bring about serious consequences.

Also, please inform us of your terms of payment.

Just hold your position till I arrive.

I don't want to end up like her.

English is my native language.

She is now putting the things in her room in order.

You still love him, don't you?

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How many girls are in this picture?


It is all up with him by this time.

What can we do for you?

I loved that car.

I wonder why Ralf hasn't come yet.

Do you meet her often?

Just forget it.

I've got to get her a present.

After a light swim, I came up from the water and sat down on the poolside.

I will be right back with your order.

The incident earned Dan the enmity of his boss.

Jeannie knew he'd be punished.


I wouldn't advise doing that.

Can you tell us what happened?

My grandfather cannot walk without a stick.

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I'll be able to afford a week's vacation this summer.

He sat on the couch with folded hands.

People in that country are pressed by hunger.

I am sick of them all.

He knows how to break the law without being caught.

Why does she apply olive oil on her lashes?

They are looking at only the sunny side of the American economy.

I usually go shopping on Sunday afternoon.

Sunil told me to do whatever I want to do.


Who do you think is the most likely to succeed?

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Magdalena is very polite to me.


He kept talking to people.

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I know that you have issues with your mom.


I'm a purist.

What he said counts for nothing.

She looks very much afraid.

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It's too soon to tell.

Do you know my age?

Bill got up early so he could catch the first train.

The class was canceled due to the storm.

Bill tapped me on the shoulder.

Donnie wouldn't have been able to do that without Alexis's help.

I don't like to leave things up in the air.


Are we leaving now?

We haven't had any problems yet.

What's the name of my doctor?


My battery is flat.

I can understand him.

Hume wasn't wearing a name tag.

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.

Paper is white.


The curry fish balls are one dollar each.

She pressed her nose against the sheet of glass.

Your advice led me to success.

I thought you might want it.

Do you have any feedback for us?


Winston hasn't connected her phone to the Internet yet.

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Misfortunes never come singly.

The orphans were taken to the orphanage.

This is the very camera I've wanted for a long time.

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I don't want Doug to see me like this.

I don't want to drink any more beer right now.

I just didn't want you to think I was stingy.

Nobody believed what I said.

Next Sunday I'll go to a zoo.


I've heard that Lynn is now studying French.

Toft told me not to look.

No one comes to visit me anymore.

My humility makes me proud.

He is liked by all even though he has his faults.

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I change my mind a lot.

I'm sorry to give you all this trouble.

Please don't panic.

She's in the shower.

Can't you stay with me?


Today had no visitors

Dori roamed through the streets of Boston.

Iran and Russia will establish a joint bank.

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I don't know for certain when he will arrive.

I really did love Mat at one point in time.

He suddenly rose from the chair.

This is the first time I've played this game.

She only listens to indie music.


You were supposed to be helping Sonny, you know.

I don't care about her anymore.

I get up at 6 o'clock every morning.


John is eighty years old but still fit.

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Statesmen should take account of public opinion.

I had the fortune to win the first prize in the speech contest.

He is human.


He lost the will to carry on.

I'm so proud of you, Dan.

Kate is as charming as her sister.

Sergio doesn't understand what you want him to do.

I wonder if there's any connection.

As Johan and Jean-Pierre's one-year dating anniversary passed, Irwin's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

You've gone mad.

The food didn't go to waste.

At any rate, we have no means of helping him.


They won't believe me even if I swear it is true.

That's what I say.

I have never liked her and I never will.

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You are guilty.